The start of the Journey

How did Ghost hunter Extraordinaire begin? Well, it all started with Jon and Tony in an experiment with an infra red camera in a locked of bedroom. Tony had always had a keen interest in UFO’s and was talking about how infra red can pick up on things that the human eye can not see and wondered if the same applied to perhaps seeing ghosts and spirits at ground level. Jon had always had an interest in the paranormal but it wasn’t until this experiment that he decided to take an active interest. The experiment involved just leaving a camera recording in an inactive bedroom with all possible external light sources cut out. They were filming for about half an hour and then decided to play the tape back. To their astonishment what they saw was an unexplainable light anomaly traveling through the foot board of a bed and the back through again. How can an orb travel through solid matter? On that day, Ghost Hunter Extraordinaire was formed and they have never looked back. In the time that GHE has existed, an excellent and experienced investigation team has been put together. Investigating the paranormal has now become a huge part of all the team members lives and we never cease to be amazed on the phenomena we encounter and the events that we experience. Perhaps we are on a journey where we are not meant to find the ultimate answers until we get there ourselves, yet we are continuously filming and photographing events that stir up fascinating questions.

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